Partitioned Batch Quilt

Partitioned Batch Quilt - front
The Partitioned Batch Quilt
57 x 81″
This is the first actual usage of my ice and snow dyed fabrics. I wanted to put them together and give them a little showcase of sorts.

Partitioned Batch Quilt - detail

Partitioned Batch Quilt - detail
After a lot of hypothesis, folding, squinting, and arranging, I pursued this design.

Partitioned Batch Quilt - detail
As I began creating blocks of these special fabrics, I also began personifying them and their visual personalities.

Partitioned Batch Quilt - detail
This made me start thinking of them as people. Some are the same, but never identical. Some group together, while still retaining their individuality, but also becoming something more as a group.

Partitioned Batch Quilt - detail
Even groups with similar sizes, shapes, and colors have distinct visual and textural characteristics comparatively.

Partitioned Batch Quilt - detail
There are actually two noticeably (maybe?), purposely mismatched shades of the background, but they look more similar now that the whole thing is completed.

Partitioned Batch Quilt - detail
I used raw edges on the layered blocks which gives an interesting texture, being straight lines that are also soft and fuzzy.

Partitioned Batch Quilt - back
The back, being solid black with my quilting in black, looks enticing in a way only monochrome texture can.

This quilt is available in my Etsy shop, if you’re interested in having it all for yourself.

Fabric Shag zip pouch/clutch

This is the largest of my fabric shag pieces. Now it is a clutch, or very large zip pouch. I love this shag!

A teal lining with a little pocket for chapstick or whatever small item.

An almost full sized back pocket. I find these types of pockets useful on bags; they’re handy for flat things you get handed, like receipts, flyers, business cards, coupons, restraining orders, whatever.

Leaning for the dimensional view. It is interfaced fully so that it will hold its shape.

This item has sold out from my Etsy shop. I am working on a few more, similar and in different colorways and will share here when they’re listed.

Cat Head Cards

Over the weekend, I spent some time watercolor painting some fun cat heads and made a note card set.

All lined up together with envelopes.

Blue on magenta background, light gold eyes.

Rust on green and lime background, red gold eyes.

They all have metallic painted eyes and noses, although you can’t tell from the photos. In person, they sparkle and shine brilliantly! I have to paint those bits all by hand after they’re printed as cards, but it is worth it. I think they’re striking. Goes well with the metallic envelopes, too.

They’re listed in my Etsy shop, if you have some card needs.

Blue Dog-creature zip pouch

This zip pouch features my watercolor of a blue dog-like creature wearing a fine green sweater on a light mustard background. My artwork has been printed on 100% cotton fabric with top quality Claria inks (very good permanence), detailed with permanent Micron pens, and further set with professional textile fixative, to be extra safe. The pouch measure 8″ wide, 7″ tall when empty and flat.

It is lined in blue cotton with a little pocket inside to help you organize small items.

The zipper has a blue bead added to it for ease of handling. The loop on the side allows the addition of your keys, or whatever you fancy. The back is plain, matching the front.

I like his expression.

This item is available in my Etsy shop.

The Cats Ate the Jam Last Night Quilt


The Cats Ate the Jam Last Night Quilt
43 x 58″
This quilt is 43 inches wide by 58 inches long and is made of 100% cotton (fabric, batting, thread – all cotton). It is the perfect size to throw on the back of a couch to brighten up a room and to provide a bit of warmth on a chilly evening.

Block center detail.

Block center detail.

Block center detail.

The back.

Looks great on a couch!

Hacker Scrappy Cat

This Scrappy Cat has a split personality and he wants the other half GONE! He abuses Adderall as a sleep deprivation tactic in a battle to silence his invisible friend/second personality, accompanied by a euphoric state of joy and excitement, hence the bloodshot eyes and too-wide grin.

His open belly and AteMouse.

Backside; bare and with his Molle backpack on.

The contents of his backpack, a composition notebook, a badge that reads Hello Friend, another that reads I <3 Adderall. 600
Stitched paw pads.
Themed collar charms and his split personality heart. One side is silver glitter stars, the other is glow-in-the-dark stars on black flannel.
My signature star on his butt.
Soft stitched claws.

Hacker Cat is available in my Etsy shop.

Mortal Love, Valentine Cuffs

I made some Valentine’s inspired cuffs recently.

I used a skull stamp I made years ago and had fun scrounging up enough bits of coordinating fabrics to at least mostly match up eight similar layouts.

These are flatter and more sleek than some of my other cuffs. More streamlined.

All eight have similar arrangements, but I put red overlay on four and black on the other four. The ones with red have an almost pink look against the white parts.

I listed them in my Etsy shop since there might be other folks out there with similar tastes. They will be out of the shop on Thursday 09 Feb, as I’m taking them to my ArtWalk showing, but if there are any left I will relist them on Friday 10 Feb.

Winter Checkerboard quilt

Winter Checkerboard Quilt
52 x 52″
After seeing some quality green fabric on an overstock sale price, I was driven to use it in a winter quilt. This is a strictly utilitarian quilt, there is no artistry to it. I’d found a nice print of green and red stars to use as the binding and an accent (see previous post) , but after getting it all done with only solid colors, I didn’t want to use it. So, solids (Kona Cottons) all the way down to the black binding. It works. I like it.
I know the photos make it look wonky, but these are all straight lines. It is simply wrinkled and blown about by gust of winds this morning.

Very simple straight line quilting. Again, I don’t prep the quilts before photography – you get the realism! This is straight out of the dryer, after sitting overnight crunched up, with lint, with stray threads, with the occasional cat hair.

And the back. Simple, fast, visually pleasing, and using more of that green. This will give the quilt a more useful life when I’m not in the mood for a red and green winter theme. Green and black is a year round fit.

I’m not listing this one in Etsy – it is for use at home. It now lives on my dining room table, but we’ll see where it ends up. With two quilts on our bed and one on our loveseat, I’ve found I like living with quilts. Once they get a little use they acquire a beat-up softness that rivals anything new.

Tintamarre Quilt

49″ x 49″
Inspiration of how to do anything, ever.
November 2016.

I went to efforts to make this quilting more spaced apart, bigger, looser. It made for a slightly puffier quilt that usual.

The back. I love this back! Compared to the front, in which the chaos is contained neatly in a box, the back bits look like an amoeba of scraps, only starting to grow in the space.

Available on Etsy.

Going Somewhere? Quilt

Going Somewhere? Quilt
32″ x 85″

There were a few inspirations that led to this design. One was the desire to use or be inspired by a traditional block. I’ve always liked the idea of Flying Geese and wanted to do fun things with them. Typically, Flying Geese are aligned straight, with matching color edges. If they are curved, that is considered fancy in the traditional world. I thought my geese might like to fly in a twisty curve, with more colors and shapes.

The yellow geese triangles are from four different fabrics. I wanted to work with blue and this golden yellow was a good contrast. Like glowing lights in the sky.

Seeing the spread now, I think if I’d mirrored the geese and maybe thrown some smaller tails on them they could have easily been golden fish in the sea. Instead of purple, the mid could fade to a deep green. Could throw in some of those gray pearls I’ve been hoarding… anyway. That is for another quilt.

It is mostly machine quilted. For some reason, I decided to do some decorative hand stitching on this quilt. Again, WTF?! I hate decorative hand stitching on quilts. Whatever. I did it, I tried it, I still don’t like it. I won’t do it again – not for a few years anyway.
Oh, look! A stray thread end. You guys don’t get the finished, trimmed and pressed quilts. You get fresh from the dryer, with cat hair, lint, fuzzy bits, and thread ends. Very real.

The binding is hand stitched too. It suited the middle well; it is a good look. Probably won’t do it again though.

Another quilt for the stash.

Between the Lines Quilt

Between the Lines Quilt
Letting the Muse help me express my thoughts and feelings.
48″ x 56″
August 2016
For being a partly improvisational / partly planned quilt, the whole process from beginning to end was harmonious.

Side view. This crazy bunny fabric is one of my favorites and perfect for this quilt. The spiral quilting for these blocks is in a matching light gray variant thread (which you might see if you click to view larger). It echos their bugged out eyes.

The back. I wasn’t in the mood to do intricate piecing, so I kept it simple, which suits it. It is attractive enough that you could flip it over and leave the back visible, if you wanted. Like, if the bunny stare was getting to you.

The inspiration behind this quilt it very strong and on my mind a lot lately, but I’m not going to lay it out for you here. I am equally interested in what you, the viewer of the finished object thinks about the quilt. Maybe you plainly see a pretty quilt, which is fine. Maybe you see some deep and complex symbolism, which is fine. Your interpretation and perception as the viewer and interpreter here is as relevant and significant as mine as the artist and creator.

Kiss Kiss Quilt

The front. These bold shapes and colors against the black background gave it a dramatic and graphic impact. Pretty cool. Different that the last one, definitely. The focus here is distinct, where the Summer Pinwheels for example, was an allover design, blending and working together. The shapes here all work together, but they’re specific, focused.

Effectively, I only quilted in the black areas, the background fabric. No color pieces have quilting. This makes them pop up, puff a bit. The interior is all FMQ of straight lines, at angles to form triangles, crosses, and such. The edges are lined on the negative space zigzag, to enhance it. I quite like this visual effect.

The backing is even simpler than I usually do. I was tired of piecing backs and I wanted flannel for this one. It is fluffy soft, and I wrapped the back around to the front to form the binding, which feels interesting – texturally. If you view this photo full size, you’ll see the quilting lines, and the crosses where there are none.